All Teak we offer is from naturally grown aged Burmese origin

Our Teak decking quality, quarter sawn with a fine grain and specially selected, following superyacht quality standards, SuperPrime Grade with a uniform color and straight grain.

Super Decking

Quality of this material have no visible defects. Quarter sawn on face & side. Minimum grain deviation allowed.Light stripes allowed Available thicknesses, 52, 65 mm, smaller volumes available in 40, 80 mm Available width: 80 mm and wider no width average Available length: 2700 mm and up till about 6000 mm, with intervals of 50 mm

OOnly naturally grown aged teak that has been selected by our own people and judged on super yacht quality is being used for the manufacturing of our decking strips. The specification of the quality with characteristics will be agreed during contract negotiations. In principle any dimension is possible but longer and wider lengths are relatively expensive..

Manufacturing Feq Lumber

Straight, vertical grain, Feq grade Teak is what everyone wants. This is an even smaller percentage of the normal yield. It is still possible to get this high quality but a larger overall volume must be purchased to meet the needed yield of Feq, long, and wide Teak that many builders and designers request. As demand rises, logs getter smaller yielding less Feq quality Teak. This is the one natural limitation behind all this. However, the market value of the logs has grown despite the lower percentage of Feq contained in each log.Tectona grandis, the only true teak, has for hundreds of years been recognized as a valuable commodity to be carefully nurtured, thoughtfully exploited, and staunchly protected. It grows in the mixed deciduous forests of Asia, or in plantations, in abundance and perpetuity. Teak, a lovely and durable timber, has a colorful history, and a sure future. Exceptional durability, stability, strength, and appearance make teak one of the world’s leading timbers.Teak is not, as many believe, a tropical rainforest timber. Its natural habitat is the mixed deciduous forests of Asia.

Defect free timbers with vertical grain and uniform color are pricy products because of the large waste when logs are selectively sawn to such requirements.Vertical grain is obtained by the sawing technique called quarter sawn. Quarter sawn is far more expensive because more wastage is caused by the sawing technique.The longer the length required by end users, the higher the chances visual defects or cross grains will display. Thus, defect free teak with long length is extremely pricey and scarce resources that is remarkably hard to seek for.

The only teak suitable for Superyacht comes from Myanmar

In fact most megayacht contracts specify “Old-growth Burmese Teak”. If the log is of the size, quality, age, and harvesting technique which qualify it for use on a superyacht, the chances are 99 per cent it came from the forest of Myanmar. And the odds are further that as an SG1 or SG2 (superyacht standard) log it was an old-growth tree.Our teak lumber and quarter sawn decking is selected for golden color, straight tight grain formation and absence of black mineral marking.Our teak selection process ensures each rail component for a single yacht is sourced from one tree (wherever possible) to provide the finest visual match and coordination.Our company mills a large volume of superior-quality solid teak marine decking.


Marine Teak International will purchase from suppliers who source wood products legally in countries actively committed to well-managed forest and will refrain from trading in endangered species prohibited under appendix 1 of the Cites Convention.EUTR timber regulation compliance..