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Teak is a small proportion of world timber production and trade.

The estimated market share of teak logs in total tropical roundwood production is less than 2% but in terms of value it is much larger, since teak is part of the high-value hardwood market, and is a major component of the forest economy of Myanmar ; the teak tree deserves this.

Grading is a value adding process as “adding value” is an action that adds worth to something through a specific process.Properly graded timber gives a value of worthiness and satisfaction to the buyer and graded timber of any species enjoys higher prices than ungraded timber.Grading will remain the arbiter of what a piece of timber is worth.


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Teak wood is always a great choice, however, whenever possible you should consider buying the highest grade you can afford to ensure you are getting the best in quality.

Teak is a precious resource. The rare beauty of teak, its rich golden brown luster, decorative grain and unique properties or strength, stability, resistance to wear have made it the most demanded wood for marine use.